St. Conleth’s Special Needs Policy


St. Conleths is committed to providing a fully rounded Catholic education for all its pupils and in line with its Mission Statement encourages all pupils to reach his/her potential. In order to achieve this goal St. Conleths recognises that some students may have special educational needs and where practicable strives to provide for them within the classroom setting. The Department of Education and Skills recognises that the central role of the class teacher in identifying and planning for the needs of all pupils is essential to the effective inclusion of pupils with Special Educational Needs. In all cases St. Conleths strives to integrate students socially and academically, and encourages participation in all school subjects and activities both in and outside the classroom.


Students who fall within the Special Needs definition include:

  • Pupils with learning difficulties
  • Pupils with physical and sensory disabilities
  • Pupils with emotional and behavioural disorders

Special Needs Team

The special needs Team in St. Conleth’s Junior School is comprised of:

  • Learning Support co-ordinator
  • Principal
  • Head of Preparatory School
  • Class teacher of student

The team meets to discuss the progress of each pupil with Special Needs and works in conjunction with the pupil’s parents to offer whatever support possible.

Admission of pupils with Special Needs

(from Admissions Policy 2013)
The ethos of the Junior School encourages all pupils to reach their potential and to participate in all school subjects and activities.  Pupils with Special Needs are welcome in St. Conleth’s. The school promotes an inclusive ethos whereby the needs of the majority of the pupils within a mainstream class can be met by differentiating teaching approaches for that class. Where applicants with Special Needs are eligible to attend St. Conleth’s the School Management will request an up to date copy of the applicant’s medical/psychological report. While fully supportive of parents’ rights to have the school of their choice for their children the school’s ability to accept pupils with additional needs is dependent on the resources available.

New Pupils

From information received by the school on the Entrance Form a list of incoming pupils with additional educational needs is drawn up. A copy of the school’s Special Needs Policy is available on the school website. Parents are also informed of the name of the  Learning Support co-ordinator and are asked to send him/her a short list of how their child’s special needs present  and how they might impact on her/him in school, as well as a copy of a recent psychological/medical report. The Learning Support coordinator will organise to meet parents with the pupil’s class teacher as soon as is practicable.

The purpose of the meeting will be an opportunity:

  • For parents:
    • To pass on as much information as possible about their child
    • To go through any psychological/medical reports on their child kept on file by the school
    • To express their expectations of St Conleths for their child.
  • For the Learning Support co-ordinator and the Class Teacher:
    • To offer their support in any way they can
    • To explain to parents how they will pass on all necessary information to the staff of St. Conleths
    • To clarify the school’s policy of inclusion, encouragement and participation for all pupils
    • For 6th Form pupils transferring to St.Conleth’s Secondary School a meeting will be arranged to meet with the Secondary School’s Special Needs co-ordinator to ensure a smooth transition for the student.

Exemption from a subject.

It is important that parents are aware that even if a psychologist’s report recommends  an exemption from a subject this cannot be granted in  St Conleth’s Junior School

Learning Support

A small number of pupils have Special Educational Needs that require support from other teachers within the school community in addition to the support provided by their class teacher.

  • Where practicable the school will endeavour to arrange extra support but parents must be aware that if a pupil is withdrawn from classes for learning support it may not be possible to make good all of the topics missed.
  • Learning Support can be arranged after school in conjunction with the Principal at parents’ own expense

Learning Support Co-ordinator 2017/18: Sara Long  email: [email protected]
Reviewed September 2017