Administration of Medicines Policy

St Conleth’s has a duty to safeguard the health and safety of pupils when engaging in authorised school activities, this does not imply a duty upon teaching or administrative staff to personally undertake to administer medicines.

Medication/medicines in this policy refers to medicines, tablets and sprays administered by mouth and automatic injection devices (eg. anapen) used in cases of anaphylaxis.

  • Parents are requested to complete in full the medical section of the Entrance Form before their child starts school;
  • Any new information can be updated by parents on School base but parents should also inform the School Principal and Class/Form Teacher in writing;
  • Parents are requested to inform the Principal in writing of any medical condition such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies and to meet with the Principal to arrange safe storage of medicines and explain procedures to be followed re administration of medicines in cases of emergency;
  • Parents are requested to inform the Class/Form Teacher of any medical condition suffered by their child and symptoms that may present;
  • Pupils may not bring nuts or any item with nut traces to school;
  • Teachers and administrative staff are instructed not to administer medication except in the case of emergency;
  • No staff member can be required to administer medication to a pupil;
  • In administering medication to a pupil in cases of emergency staff members will exercise the standard care of a reasonable and prudent parent.

Reviewed Jan 2018