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By making a pledge you are indicating an intention to contribute to the purchase of St. Mary’s Nursing Home by St. Conleth’s College. Pledges will be totally under your control and will be of one time gifts or by standing order over a period of time. If a St. Conleth’s bid for the nursing home and its grounds is successful we will contact you to make arrangements for your contribution. By making a pledge you are in no way entering into a contractual obligation. If you have any questions please email [email protected] or call +353 89 247 3055.

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St. Conleth’s Campus Fund – Questions Answered

Why does St. Conleth’s want to purchase St. Mary’s?

The purchase of St. Mary’s would almost double our footprint. It would provide enough space for us to continue to adapt as we approach our 100th Year and beyond. Apart from having more outdoor space for our students, there are two very specific projects that we wish to undertake. The first is the construction of a STEAM hub. Such a building would be a centre of excellence for the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.
St. Conleth’s has always had a reputation for excellence in the teaching and learning of Science and Maths. Several of our former pupils have achieved considerable prominence in these fields. Now we wish to construct a building that would be recognised nationally as a centre of excellence in these fields.



How Much Will It Cost?

St. Mary’s is being sold by sealed tender. Offers are being accepted upwards of five million Euro. We have availed of expert opinions on how much the site will go for. The Dublin City Council have indicated that they will not countenance the convent building being demolished, a factor that will impact on the value.

How Much Will St. Conleth’s Offer?

As St. Mary’s is being sold by private tender we will keep this information confidential.

Does St. Conleth’s Want to Expand?

Whereas we wish to have more space, it is not our intention to expand the student numbers at the school substantially above what they are now. There are now about four-hundred and fifty students between the Preparatory, Junior and Senior Schools. The board of management of St. Conleth’s believes being small enough to know every one of our students is central to the ethos of the school.

Who Owns St. Conleth’s?

The St. Conleth’s Educational Trust owns St. Conleth’s. It was established in 2002. It is a not for profit corporation, run by a board of directors, with its own memorandum and articles of association and, by meeting the necessary criteria, it has charitable status. If we are successful, the St. Conleth’s trust will purchase St. Mary’s home.

What can you do to help?

We have set up a pledge page for friends and past pupils. We are asking as many people to pledge as possible. The site gives multiple options for pledge amounts and length of time they are made over.

Is a pledge a contractual commitment?

No. A pledge is an indication that you will make a gift to the campus fund. If you are unable to fulfil the pledge that is not a problem.

Is a contributions tax efficient?

Yes. If you are making contributions from income that has been taxed in Ireland St. Conleth’s can claim 31% tax back on any gift up to a total of 10% of the contributor’s income. Thus, a gift of €690 in one year elicits a tax refund of €310 to St. Conleth’s. In Ireland, the benefactor of the gift receives the tax refund.

What about other jurisdictions?

St. Conleth’s College is a not for profit organisation with charitable status in Ireland. In most jurisdictions, this will enable any gifts to the campus fund to be tax deductible.

What happens if St. Conleth’s is not successful in the tender process?

If we are not successful in the tender process the pledges will go no further. We will continue to develop and improve the school within the confines of the existing site.

I wish to make a pledge to the St. Conleth’s College Campus Fund.

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