Peace Prom Warriors!

We make ’em tough at St. Conleth’s, both teachers and students!  Last Sunday, there was Junior School Information Day in the afternoon in which all the teachers and many student volunteers welcomed future Conlethians in for a show-and-tell around our newly revamped school.  And then everyone retired to their local for a carver, a few bags of crisps and the Six Nations on the big screen… no, they did not!  It was straight over to the RDS for the Peace Proms for last minute voice-tuning and a performance at 8:00.  No-one hit their pillow before 11:00 pm, and Principal Tony Kilcommons in particular had a zombie-like quality about his movements for a few days afterwards… but it was well worth it!  He managed to get this report off before sneaking into the school elevator for a well-deserved nap.



At St. Conleth’s, students, teachers and parents often share in the enjoyment of a school event but rarely have we seen a ‘feel-good factor’ to the extent of that which was generated over the weekend by the Junior School Choir’s participation in the Peace Proms at the RDS.  A memorable nigh! 2500 children singing together on stage, from 52 school choirs, including St. Conleths JS Choir (27 members!) and  an orchestra with  pipers, drummers and dancers under the baton of Conductor Greg Beardsell.  All playing and singing an eclectic mix of classical, Disney, pop and dance tunes to a capacity crowd of 4000 in the Simmonscourt on Sunday night.  A two hour avalanche of sound, excitement and sheer joy.  Primary kudos must go to Ms. Eimar Hartnett, who worked tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the event, getting the boys and girls pitch perfect.  The class teachers and parents also pitched in, making sure all the young choristers got to their many practice sessions. And of course, the students themselves: they put in the ‘overtime’ to get there, and on the day they pulled it off once again (unlike Tom Brady this year!).  Granted, there was a mood that could best be described as ‘pleasantly somnambulant’ in the Junior School on Monday morning, but it was certainly well-earned and well-deserved!   I dont think those present will ever forget the experience.