Orator Maximus!

Like a true Classical gentleman, St. Conleth’s Third Year Maxime St-Jean can best you both in the gymnasium and at the rostrum.  Joining a long list of Conlethian debating stars, Maxime was crowned last night as the individual winner of the UCD Leinster Junior Debating Competition.  The competition ran from last September until now, and has had nearly 300 speakers from across Leinster. He won in opposition to the motion ‘This House Supports the Increase in Satirical Commentary on Right Wing Politic’, a position which may make his re-entry into his native ‘Republic of Berkeley’ nigh impossible, but Maxime could always repatriate to Texas!  Since his arrival at St. Conleth’s, Maxime has impressed everyone with his impeccable manners and apparent limitless talents and the fact that he has developed into a world class debater without the usual Conlethian route of taking over every classroom discussion!  Credit is also due to Debating Moderator Mr. Carvill, whose request for a ‘Debating Wing’ in the new extension suddenly seems more plausible, and alumnus Debating Coach Conor White, who somehow balances a workload that includes coaching our debaters, lunching with political elites, keeping a watchful eye on the lurking neo-con threat and excelling in his Business and Law course at UCD to the degree that he is now an Ad Astra scholar.  Ad astra, indeed!