Open Day! Come See What We Do in the Junior School!


And we certainly do a lot!  Open Day is set for Sunday, April 17th (click for flyer), but we might need an ‘Open Week’ to show even a small portion of the stuff that we do in the Junior School, considering what has been happening in just the last few days:

  • Second and Third Forms attended a creative writing workshop today titled “Fighting Words.” It was a brilliant day and our pupils learned loads about story composition and, to top it all off, each student received a copy of their own very book. One of the results was ‘The UFO and His Best Friend Jacinta the Talking Pair of Pants! Ryan Boyle and Ruben Grace, two of our literary award winners, better watch out, with this talent on the rise!
  • Second Form also completed a special project (seen below) in preparation for their First Holy Communion, and still found time to learn about ‘Waves’ during an entertaining and informative, hands-on science presentation.
  • Third Form were spellbound by the visit of a special, professional Storyteller and then got to cuddle up with Clyde, a real, live guinea pig!
  • David Meredith L.I.B.S.D., Director of the Irish Board of Speech and Drama, was one of two examiners who spent the day in the Junior School as each student presented the pieces they had been rehearsing for the last number weeks with drama teacher Pat Howe. David was very impressed with the standard and especially the 5th and 6th Formers who had the confidence to act out unprepared improvisational pieces.
  • The St. Conleth’s ‘A’ Chess Team beat Star of the Sea in a local derby, the perfect warm-up for the approaching finals.

Well done to all, and please save some energy for the Open Day!

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