Of Bikes and Books: ‘Whole Child’ Education in Action!

Principal Tony Kilcommons takes the holistic emphasis of St. Conleth’s education philosophy seriously and strives hard to cater to both the academic and the ‘life skills’ needs of his charges.  Here are his own reports on two contrasting, but equally important, recent events at St. Conleth’s Junior School: 

Noel from the Cycle Safe programme called in to 6th Form to begin their block of workshops to prepare the pupils for all eventualities when cycling on the Stillorgan Dual Carriageway. It was all theory on their first day, but Noel will be bring the boys around the school carpark after Easter in an effort to replicate the real thing.  It was great to see the boys’ zeal for an activity that did not involve a screen.  It is important for them to learn that when something happens when on a bike, you just can’t hit ‘replay’!

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Thursday, the 3rd of March, was International Book Day. You would think that the Junior School pupils would not pass up this opportunity to dress up and generally let their hair down, yet the Junior School resembled a ghost town on this date as our pupils headed off singing at the Corfheile (4th-6th Form) and Fighting Words Creative Writing Workshop (2nd and 3rd Form). (See separate reports!) Not to be denied, the pupils simply dressed up as their favourite literary character the next day and so we were met by Huckleberry, Scrooge, Darth Vader and about twenty Harry Potters on Friday morning.  It was great to see that our parents and teachers are still inculcating a love of the written word in their children despite the competing temptations of this digital age. Well done to all!