Now, Take a Deep Breath and…

…just relax!  Yes, it may seem funny to those Junior and Leaving Certificate students who are stuck right in the middle of orals and practicals season, but at St. Conleth’s we take a holistic and ‘whole child’ approach to education, and though there are no ‘points’ for Healthines or Happiness, we like to think that every one of our students takes them both at the Higher Level!  In recognition and evidence of this emphasis, Mr. ODulaing is spearheaded the planning and implementation of St. Conleth’s second annual Health Awareness Week, which ran last week and included activities targeting both physical and mental health.  It all started with teachers leading their classes down to Herbert Park for an invigorating but relaxing stroll.  Then, Mr. Porzadny continued his one-man revolution teaching relaxation and thoughtfulness techniques to both students and staff.   There was Healthy (but Tasty) Eating Info from Chef Mark and students were able to assemble their own super-salads.   There was also a special guest speaker for the occasion, but we will let our Guidance Counsellor Anne Ryan, who is so instrumental in bringing so many career and guidance professionals in to talk to our students, explain:


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For Mental Health Week which runs from 21 June to 24 June 2017, Tracy Geraghty, Life Coach, will talk to each year group. Tracy aims to give young people the skills and confidence they need to cope with their mental health. Some good coping skills include: meditation and relaxation techniques, physical activity, friendshipsleeping and nutrition.   Obtaining and maintaining good coping skills takes time and practice but utilizing these skills becomes easier over time. Good coping skills make for good mental health. Negative coping skills such as drugs, excessive alcohol use or self -harm can hinder progress in dealing positively with stress. These actions offer only temporary relief, if any. Tracy will teach strategies for breaking up negative thought processes. She will encourage students not to ignore or cover up how they feel.  Teachers and other staff in St. Conleth’s are always available to listen and to ensure that no young person feels alone, isolated or disconnected from others around them.


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