Mr. ODulaing: Teacher, Principal, Bainisteoir… Guru?

About us- pic of Principal

At St. Conleth’s, we take a holistic and ‘whole child’ approach to education, and though there are no Leaving Cert points for Healthines or Happiness, we like to think that every one of our students takes them both at the Higher Level. In recognition and evidence of this emphasis,  Mr. ODulaing is spearheading the planning and implementation of St. Conleth’s first annual Health Awareness Week, which will run from Monday, February 29th through Friday, March 4th, and it includes activities targeting both physical and mental health.

Happy Girls

Monday is Physical Activity Day, with intrepid explorer Gav Maguire leading each class on hour long walks through the neighbourhood (but we promise to stay to the even numbers!).  On Tuesday, the Humourfit Theatre Group visits us to give their well-reviewed performance pieces ‘Hooked’ (about drug abuse) and ‘The Value of Life’ (about mental health). Wednesday should be challenging, as all students and staff are being encouraged to have an ‘Off Line/No Screen’ Day.  Yes, a chance to turn off the 4G, take out the headphones and turn to the old lady at the bus-stop and say ‘Soft day, isn’t it?’.  On Thursday (after you belatedly binge on Facebook and find out what your second cousin, to whom you have never actually spoken, claims to have had for lunch!) there will be an Anti-Bullying Seminar by the ISPCC/Childline of the younger years and a session on ‘Motivation, Study and Stress Management’ for Sixth Years (who perhaps can pass on any useful tips to their parents and others collaterally damaged by the LC ).

Fifth Years

Friday, Mr. ‘Polymath’ Porzadny takes over and teaches relaxation techniques to all during their French class.  (Some students have been practising for this event for years.) And somewhere along the way there will be Healthy Eating Info from Chef Mark, a Health Table Quiz and a screening of the acclaimed Disney film, Psycho.  Sorry, I mean ‘Inside/Out’.  Oh yes, and the Tuckshop will be closed for a week.  I predict a riot!