Mr. Callaghan and the ‘Chem Kids’ Knock at TCD

Never has Chemistry seemed sexier, what with ‘Breaking Bad’ still dominating box-set sales and Mr. Callaghan leading his classes on various scientific adventures to the most exciting of lab locations.   This time it was to attend the TCD Chemistry Broad Curriculum Final, in which Trinity’s School of Chemistry holds an annual ‘Broad Curriculum’ event at which a series of shortlisted presentations, written by Sophomore undergraduates, are presented to a packed audience of over 300 students and ‘friends’. The talks are designed to ‘relate chemistry to the world around us, and are performed in a fun and educational way’.  Not that Mr. Callaghan’s class did not already have enough chemical reactions, with the arrival of those Italian exchange students!  Anyways, the finalists this year were: The Chemistry of Superfoods, The Chemistry of Mental Illness, The Chemistry of Sleep, The Chemistry of Life on Mars and The History of Chemistry.  The boys and girls enjoyed all the presentations, and definitely came away with a greater appreciation of how varied and exciting the world of Chemistry can be!

Mr. Callaghan's Chemistry class at the Trinity Broad Curriculum Competition