Mr. Bolger: The Beast of CSPE!

Some teachers dodge the ‘alphabety’ subjects like CSPE, SPHE, LCVP and even PE (on rainy days) like they are IEDs but Mr. Bolger is like an ornery badger when he gets his teeth into one of these subjects.  Take CSPE, for example.  Some teachers are happy to just repeatedly show the students pictures of Angela Merkel so that when her hoary visage shows up on the famous ‘pick the politician’ section of the exam, the kids do not get all confused about their continental masters and tick Jean-Claude Juncker instead!  But Mr. Bolger takes the old Civics seriously:  recently he began a reinvigoration of our Green School policy by replacing all our green and red bins and sending out an ‘Environmental Co-operation Encouragement Group’ of muscular TYs to make sure the message was delivered.  (Rumours that one First Year who carelessly dropped a banana skin into the green bin was he himself subsequently ‘recycled’ by are unconfirmed.)   And Mr. Bolger certainly takes the CSPE Action Project seriously.  This year he decided to ditch the bicycles, due to technical and developmental issues, and lead the Third Years by foot into the Wicklow Mountains so that the students could conduct collect their data and conduct their research for their projects.   A great day away from screens and out in nature was enjoyed by all involved but some serious work was also done… inevitably when Mr. Bolger is at the helm!


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