Mr. Bolger Leads the Race to Christmas!

If Tiny Tim had somehow managed to hobble out the Kylemore Road, use his crutch as pole vault to hop the fence of the Go-Karting centre there and drag himself onto the track, we would like to think that Mr. Bolger would at least slow down and swerve a bit to avoid a collision, perhaps taking a few seconds off his lap time but still winning the race by a mile… but we are not so sure.


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Every year we allow each class to go on a local trip to celebrate Christmas and mark the end of their exams.  This year we managed to do them all on the same day and although St. Conleth’s was left a peaceful oasis (aside from 200 Junior kids belting out Country & Western songs in the hall), Dublin and the surrounding counties were invaded by high-spirited hooligans in holiday mood!  The aforementioned Speed-Racer Bolger took Fifth Years Go-Karting and everyone involved had a ball but I don’t need to tell you who took home the trophy (and presented it to his mother so it could go on the over-burdened awards shelf over the fireplace in the good room and under the portrait of himself).   First, Third and Fourth Years went to the cinema and Eddie Rocket’s for lunch, while Second Years hit the bowling lanes and Sixth Years hit each other with high velocity paintballs.  A seasonal good time was had by all but it was back to classes on Tuesday!


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