Mogwai Meets Mr. Potato Head!

Maestros Howe and Hartnett and the Prep School Team of Ms. Kelly, Ms. Murphy and Mr. O’Brien once managed to create a masterpiece out of a cacophony of diverse voices, talents and story-lines.  Mr. Kelleher would have particularly loved this Summer Spectacular as The Jungle Book is one of the few ‘modern’ books to have made his quite selective list of approved classics!  And who does not love the simple but timeless characters and themes of Toy Story and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?


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Ms. Hartnett’s Junior School Choir were in top form opening the show, thrilling parents and guests with their spot-on vocal performances and Mr. Howe led each class through a skit which perfectly matched the class’s particular strengths in performance and cuteness.  And the school hall itself served as the perfect backdrop, with artwork from all the Junior School classes covering the walls and demonstrating the creativity of the kids, and the perseverance of Art Teacher Ms. Long and all the class teachers.  Check out the snaps of the concert above and the artwork below.  Bravo, boys and girls!


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