Mock (ersatz) Exams Schedule: Riddikulus!

imitation, artificial, man-made, manufactured, simulated, synthetic, ersatz, plastic, so-called, fake, false, faux, reproduction, replica, facsimile, dummy, model, toy, make-believe, sham, spurious, bogus, counterfeit, fraudulent, forged, pseudo, pretended…  Just thought the JC and LC students would enjoy some diminutizing synonyms of the word which will torment them for the next month or so.  Apparently ‘mock’ has French origins… no surprise there!  Perhaps more encouraging are the words of Development Officer and guidance guru Mr. Carvill regarding this particular rite of passage: 

I’ve suggested they (the students)  go into May mode. This means, between now and the end of the mock exams they should practise what it will be like in May. I describe this as eating, sleeping, exercising and studying.
– It would help all the students if socialising stops for this period, so postpone birthdays etc.
– Students should not try to get everything done between now and the mock exams, they can’t. They should focus on June and use the mocks primarily for experience.
– It is often the case that students get in to a tizzy and end up getting little done because they have so much to do. I’ve emphasised “baby steps” and just focusing on what they have to do next…

So, fresh from Exam Officer Ms. NiAonghusa, here are the exam schedules.  Good luck!

Mocks- Junior Certificate Timetable

Mocks- Leaving Certificate Timetable