Maths Whizzes are Super-friends!

A select group of our Third Year Maths students did the Maths department and St. Conleth’s proud at the Pi Quiz for Junior Certificate Maths over the weekend at Wesley College.  Suyash, Oisín, Maxime and Joe reasoned and calculated with aplomb, leading half-way through and then finishing came joint fifth overall.  And they did so well despite missing out on a few precious minutes: although they were there in plenty of time, they were chatting so much amongst themselves at the start that they didn’t realise that they weren’t given a set of questions and the quiz started without them!  Even this little hiccup is a credit to our young Conlethians: whereas many of the other ‘Mathsy’ kids there were just staring at their calculator watches in numerical rapture but social isolation, our students proved they are the complete holistic package, valuing companionship and companionship as well as academic success!


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