Maths Week Unlimited!

This just in from Ms. NiAonghusa, St. Conleth’s Assistant Principal and Maths teacher (and Head Implementer of the Age of Numeracy):

Thanks to Hurricane Ophelia, which travelled in an admirable arc across Ireland but also scuppered our plan to have Maths Professor and past-pupil Colm Mulcahy visit the school to address the students, Maths week is doing a logical shift by two days so the maths fun continues Monday and Tuesday this week.  On Tuesday, we will be having a timed sudoku challenge at lunchtime and the daily puzzles for the whole school will continue. In addition, Ms Hopkins’ maths jokes such as


are drawing groans from students who read them.   Here are the three maths puzzles from last week. Stay tuned for the last two and remember, all solutions will be posted on Thursday, so everyone needs to get cracking on their responses and post them in the box by reception!

Wednesday’s Maths PuzzleThursday’s Maths PuzzleFriday’s Maths Puzzle


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