Maths Magic! Cigire Refuses to Leave Rivetting Trigonometry Class!

Nevermind all that blather below about music, art, debating, chess and rugby!  We have recently received official confirmation that we are in fact is a ‘Maths School’!  Of course, we teachers of less computational subjects long suspected it: the number and size of classes, the seemingly endless supply of little pencils and plastic geometric shapes, the Maths Department company car (BMW, of course!), the banning of all but binary communication on the first floor, the slightly larger area of the Maths teachers’ lunch plates and the fact that even our pizza pies ‘r’ squared!   The problem was it would take a Maths teacher to actually add it all up: we lethargic ‘arts’ types are too busy reading and arguing about freewill and the use of the semicolon!   Well, now the almighty Department of Education and Skills has spoken and it is now quite clear that the Gentleman and Ladies of Arithmetic deserved their perks and many more!  Click here to see the full report or just look at their main findings, verbatim:


Notice the use of the word ‘excellent’?  Inspectors avoid such words of enthusiastic endorsement like the plague, but they felt compelled to bestow them on our Maths teachers liberally.  And our inspector personally vouchsafed that she had never before seen such enthusiasm and sheer Mathematical knowledge amongst students at any other school!  Well done to the Maths Department: the solid gold, engraved compasses are on the way!


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