Renaissance Women!

We already had a bit of a reputation as a school for ‘culture vultures’: last week’s extracurriculars will only seal it, as all of Sixth Year were treated to ‘La Traviata’ on Tuesday night… and then a good few of them followed it up with ‘Swan Lake’ on Friday!  Long ago, Mrs. Pat Kelleher initiated what has become a beloved Conlethian tradition: the Sheppard-Kelleher family invites Sixth Years out to the opera and all the young men and ladies (and a few select teachers!) get all dickied up and they enjoy a night of civilised, cultural entertainment.  This year it was ‘La Traviata’ at the National Concert Hall and, by all accounts, it was an amazing production, even rendering principal emeritus, and noted opera aficionado, Peter Gallagher, momentarily stunned into silence!  Ms. Fay and Ms. deBahl, our dynamic duo of music, were also duly impressed, but their appetite for the classics was not sated, so they then led their Fifth and Sixth Year music classes up to Belfast on Friday to see ‘Swan Lake’ at the Grand Opera House!  Perhaps all this ‘research’ means something… as rumours are swirling that the Transition Year musical this year (in our brand new performance hall) is to be a full-blown operatic (and/or balletic) version of the Lord of the Rings! Stay tuned!


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