Mr. Keenan, a Manchester trip stalwart, was thrilled to be back on the proper (red) side of Manchester, even though the match was on a Thursday night and we all know what that means… especially you Liverpool fans!  And our Junior School Principal (and the world’s biggest Ryan Giggs fan), Tony Kilcommons, claimed that the ferry takes a little bit longer each year but we think he is just getting a little bit older.  Rumours that he wants to add a trip to Parkhead next year (i.e. coach ride to Belfast and ferry to Glasgow) are unconfirmed.  Here is his enthusiastic if a bit bleary-eyed report:

5th and 6th Form embarked on their annual pilgrimage to Manchester last week. After gorging on the caviar of Champions League and Barcelona and Bayern in the Etihad for the past two years, it was back to the meat and two veg of Old Trafford on a Thursday night for Europa League action against the might of Feyenoord. Feyenoord are no Barcelona and even Wayne Rooney and Henrich Mikhtaryan managed to get on the scoresheet in a routine 4-0 victory. Mr Keenan and the other three United fans in the party of 47 were nonetheless delighted. For the majority, the match itself was of lower importance in the grand scheme of things. Sugar intake seemed to be the priority for the 5th Formers from early to stockpile energy resources for the long day ahead. Excitement seemed to get the better of many of them and no amount of sweets could replenish the energy spent exploring every square inch of the ferry and Trafford Centre (no mean feat!) The efforts made by some of our pupils to stay awake for the entire 24 hours were truly heroic and if all-nighters are needed for college exams later in their life, they have shown serious potential. Roll on next year and hopefully the Etihad, the chances of Champions League football in Old Trafford look more remote by the day!


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