Lovin’ Life Again!

In an appetiser of the feast to come, we ended last half term with the spirit and freedom which we hope will characterise our return to ‘old skool’ ways in just a few days, and we have Mr. Lonergan and his PE Gang to thank. Mr. Carvill the Younger was the man in charge in the sports hall where he enticed TYs and Fifth Years into some holiday hoopla; Mr. ‘Grandmaster Flash’ Ingle and Evan ‘Flava Flav’ Power were on the audio and video decks in the Performance Hall, spinning a table quiz for Second Years; and Mr. Lonergan, himself, with the aid of School Captain Rory Clarke, braved the sub-freezing temperature and the dreaded Dodder wind chill to run a soccer tournament on the Astro in the Herbo. We also see below a couple of informal student performances: an impromptu lunchtime last song of Covid by a few Second Years (to an appreciative audience of Juniors) and a slightly less impromptu (…but you would not know it) Bio Rap by the Tenacious Trio of Oisín Squared and Seamus, three of the last traditionally named students in the school. Enjoy…. and get ready for Freedom Day!