Lonergan’s Lockdown AC

Our recent graduating classes know the fight and spirit of Mr. Lonergan very well: they have seen (and felt) his incredible energy levels on the pitch during our Sixth Year Vs. Staff Soccer matches, where his combination of creativity and edginess reminds one of Paul Scholes in his decline and Steve Sidwell in his prime. Well, Mr. Lonergan brings the same can-do attitude to his PE classes, even when they are at the required Zoom distance these days. All the Senior School PE students are given fitness objectives which they keep chart of in their diaries. At the very minimum, we have the 1km Challenge but many go above and beyond (5km+!), as you can see below from some route snapshots. Well done to all who are keeping up with Mr. Lonergan (good luck!), especially Second Years Barra Tansey and Roisín Ridge, TY Timea Kovacs and Sixth Year Adam Regan.