Lonergan’s Larks

Aidan Lonergan was last seen in a classroom in 2009… but that was only because Tipp was in some league relegation play-off and he did not want to miss it on Setanta Sports. Otherwise, he has taken the ‘outdoor classroom’ philosophy to an extreme and, to be honest, thank goodness someone kept moving while the rest of us were busy fumbling with masks and competitive antigen testing. Mr. Lonergan’s once-ample waistline has benefitted from this sustained activity but so have the students: stretching their legs, minds and spirits as the second best red-headed midfielder (kudos, Mr. Aherne) in St. Conleth’s history awakened the wokesters to a world beyond their pixelated self-pity.

Fast Forward!

You read below about the fundraiser for Trocaire (300€!) and the local spiritual pilgrimages, but lately Mr. Lonergan has returned to his recent hunting grounds: the hinterland of South County Dublin and North Wicklow. Yes, in the last few weeks, this former Galtees goer has taken no less than three different year groups up and down the hills, and led them into the sea. Quite the influencer, yes, as has been his younger, even leaner sidekick: Mr. Ronan ‘Ro-Bro’ Carvill. And Carvillus Minor adds a wealth of eco-knowledge to the mix. We may not trust him with the Infinity Stones, but we are indebted to him for all the pics and videos above and below!

Slow Quick Dip!

First Years!

Second Years (and Fifths)!