Lockdown Louvre!

Ms. Orla Mellon is a famous artist in her own right (website) but the things she inspires our Junior School pupils to create are equally amazing. Just like during the last lockdown, Ms. Mellon has kept her art students very busy with various projects which have been valuable in keeping the children’s creative juices flowing and, perhaps more importantly, keeping them out of their parents hair for sustained periods! Ms. Mellon’s latest project was ‘Junk Art’ which creatively combined two important human impulses: imagination and environmentalism. Notice how the trash bins are filling more quickly when everyone is home? Well, Ms. Mellon and her charges decided to make use of some of that excess stuff, and the results are amazing. Here are the project’s instructions and below are the incredible creations themselves, class-by-class and with preceding credits. Enjoy and stay tuned for more amazing student art!

First Class: Details in photos

Second Class: Lauren – Rocket; Gregorio- Pineapple Pen Holder; Harrison – Animals; Federico – Created a Skyscraper together in a brother & sister duo!; Holt – Dachshund dog x 3; Sam – Dragon; Beatrice – Submarines & Boat x 2.

Third Class: Hugo- Castle; James- Flamboyant Bird X 2; Andrew – Penguins in bottles; Clodagh & Ronan – The twins team effort! A car & house; Jack – Tower x2; Noah Wallace – Funny Man; Edouard- an Egyptian Saracophagus with mummy inside!

Fourth Class: Sophia – Marble Game; Christian – Car x 3; Harry – White Cat; Marty Davitt – Ostrich x 2; Michael – Fencer x 2; Rohan – Golf Course x3; Eli-John- Pig x 3.  

Fifth Class: Christopher – Turtle; Elodie- sheep & ostrich egg ; Emilia – Turtle; Carlo- Hat (so you can transform into an ‘Among Us character’); Conor – Jet Pack; Vladimir – Samurai double sword.

Sixth Class: Ronit – Spaceship; India – Light Bulb Bird; Harrison – Robot; Lydia- Hamster .

And Elodie and Milo of Fifth Class’s Videos of hand-crafted sheep and windmill!