Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité…Paperasse!

The traditional Irish methods of getting things done with a nudge, fudge, wink or nod just will not do when it comes to qualifying as the first DELF (info) school  in Ireland.  Our own dynamique duo of Mr. Porzadny and Ms. Crowley threw open the school doors to the Napoleonic assessment troops of Mme. Nathalie-Zoé Fabert (Attachée de coopération pour le français- Tweet) and we all were amazed how comprehensive, systematic, accurate….and foreign it all seemed!  The TYs, however, took it all in their stride, and seemed to actually enjoy having their aural, oral and written French being individually assessed  by three teachers at once!  It was all very impressive and official and though the results will not be issued for a while, we are quietly confident that the boys have done the French Department (and the whole school) proud.  Bien joué les professeurs et les étudiants! 

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