Let Putin Eat Cake!

Actually, no, on second thought, he can’t have any! Our Student Council have organised two fun, and profitable, events to help those who have been hurt by the recent conflict. On the last day of school before St. Patrick’s Day, there will be a non-uniform ‘Peace Day’. In order to participate, students must bring in €2 as a donation to the Red Cross in Ukraine. There will also be a Bake Sale, hosted by Sixth Year, during break. Sixth Year will be pricing and selling the goodies, but all years are welcome to bring in baked goods to the canteen in the morning. Our ambitious goal is to raise €1000 for this great cause to help the Ukrainian refugees. To be fully clear, the theme of the day is “peace”, it is not “Ukraine day” or “anti-Russia day”. Check out the powerful but peaceful posters below, made for the event by the TYs in Art Class.