Left Brain Activities!

Where would we be without the scientists and the statisticians during this Covid crisis? Why, in the pub, or enjoying the company of friends and family, the wag might say, but we may also be someplace much worse off. Yes, never before have those with an advanced analytical skill set been more front and centre on the world’s stage. And this trend is set to continue. Apparently, Pangolin Pathology at Carlow IT is pushing 600 points!

Well our Maths and Science teachers are doing their best to improve our students’ STEM skills and, just as importantly, show them how much fun numbers, angles and floodplains can be! Ms. NiAonghusa took her Third Years to Herbo to put their Trigonometry in action and Mr. Carvill (The Younger), always one to emphasise teh Physical over the Social, had his First Year Geography students map out the stages of river development. Check out the pics above and below!