Le Text Perdu! Les Voix Retrouvées!

Most Conlethians are notoriously lacking in shyness when it comes to getting up and expressing themselves.  This mostly positive and useful attribute must stem from the nurturing, supportive atmosphere of the school… and the many dinner-party pieces they have performed at home since they were ‘knee-high on a grasshopper’.  In fact, our students are so adept at speaking up for themselves, we sometimes cannot slip in a word edgewise and most sometimes politely request them to shut the heck up!!!  Well, the French Department super-héros Crowley and Porzadny (above, and ubiquitous) have figured out how  to get them, momentarily at least, to avatar lemurs langues: ask them to get on stage and speak and act…in French!  As you can guess, the silence was deafening when Ms. Crowley and Mr. Porzadny asked for volunteers to inter-act with the professionals of the French Theatre Company, but it was also temporary: slowly but surely, a few brave individuals stepped forward, especially when the protective garb of costumes was promised.  In the end, there were plenty of volunteers, as well as a few unwitting conscripts on the day, and a fun and informative francophonic day was had by all.  Below you can read about the plot and see action from the play itself.

Our actors have landed a great new job in a professional theatre company. To celebrate they go to a disco and one of them promptly loses the only copy of the script they have between them. The trouble is – they must have their parts learned by Friday. They go to great lengths to locate another copy without success. Just as they are despairing the text turns up. But a lot of anguish has been caused and to pay back the actor who lost the script the others decide to play a trick on him.


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