Le droit de vote devrait être accordé à 16 ans!

That was the motion of the latest round of Joutes Oratoires, the French language debating competition in which St. Conelth’s has a proud and winning tradition. Here is Mr. Porzadny’s report of his team’s latest win:
“Bonsoir messieurs dames, l’équipe de l’opposition, membres du jury et Madame le président. Je m’appelle Lois et nous, l’équipe de la proposition, sommes completement pour la these de ce soir…”  Opening the floor for her fellow team-mates, Lois Kelleher gave a very meticulous speech which set the proper tone for the rest of the evening. It was a very intense debate and, as the Jury mentioned in the end, both team came well prepared. Historical facts, statistics and fierce rebuttals were common ground on the night.  Following Lois, Isobel Nugent brought forward pristine French pronunciation: on this night, confidence was her middle name.   Sean Keane then joined the party and filled the room with words full of strength and poetry.   Soon after, “l’autre Sean“- Sean Pettit,  stood up and defended each of his point with the vitality of the lioness defending her cubs. Finally, and despite being sick on that night, Lois stood up one last time and poured all her remaining energy in a conclusion that was bound to convince the most skeptical members of the jury.  Hence, despite facing an excellent team from The King’s Hospital, St Conleth’s eventually got the win!

Quarterfinals, here we come!


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