LC Orals and Practicals Soon To Bloom!

‘When April with his showers so sweet/ Has pierced the drought of March to the root…’ was Chaucer’s optimistic appraisal of next month but T.S. Eliot’s ‘April is the cruellest month…’ may better capture the mood of Sixth Years with this news: Ms. Killen has released the official dates for the LC Orals and Practicals.  But have no fear, and look forward to the bloom, as your teachers are here to help you, especially Ms. Killen who is offering an extra Mock to her LC Spanish students.  Here is the schedule:

And Ms. Killen’s Spanish ‘extras’:

Tuesday, 27th March: 

Spanish Mock Leaving Certificate Written Exam : 10.00-12.30

Spanish Mock Junior Certificate Written Exam : 10.00-12.00

Saturday, 7th April:

Spanish Mock Leaving Certificate Oral Exam : 10.00-13.30