Ladies Who Brunch!

It is recently established tradition at St. Conleth’s whereby each September, after the dust settles, the girls are invited to a hobbit-like ‘second breakfast’, or ‘brunch’ if you like, in the school canteen.   Such are the numbers of girls at St. Conleth’s these days, we now do two sittings: one for the blue jumpers, and one for the green.  Vice Captain Emer Healy-O’Reilly organised the little fêtes this year, and as with everything she does, she did it with efficiency and with good humour.  The pastries were passed around, the coffee and tea were poured out and the chatter soon took off.  We are not privy to the actual topics of conversation but we assume particular individuals in that other noted group of Conlethian students, ‘the sons of Catholic (and other) gentleman’, came up.   And at the same time of these polite little gatherings, said gentlemen’s sons were in class, gnashing their teeth in jealousy and whinging about the privileges of St. Conleth’s now significant minority!  Who knows? Perhaps some day we will be taking out-numbered boys out for some special treatment, scones and cream!


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