Juniors Getting Psyched for Rugby Blitz!

All of our success in chess, fencing, swimming and various other sports and games does not take away from St. Conleth’s first sporting love: the time-honoured past-time of the sons (and daughters) of D4 (and 6 and 12 and 3…) gentleman (and ladies) … rugby!  Under the watchful eyes (and polite encouragement) of Mr. Keenan and Mr. Maguire, Third through Sixth Forms are gearing up for their first matches this weekend, and though we are sure to get loads of pics soon of all the teams, Ms. Dillon’s Third Formers are first in and, boy, do they look scary!  Our first opponents, CUS, better be hitting the training ground with the same ferocity or there will be absolute carnage Saturday morning!


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