Junior School Sportsday Shenanigans!

Mr. Keenan is at Irishtown Stadium so often these days, rumours are flying that he has a hand in coaching one of the Irish youth soccer teams which are based there.  And it may well be true: Shay has rugby, athletics, tennis, basketball, cricket and a bit of snooker on the resumé so why not soccer, too?  Well, this time, it was for the Junior School Sportsday and Shay has this annual event so well-planned and organised that it always runs like clockwork, especially when the rain keeps away.  Wellies were thrown, penalties were taken, the jumps were both long and high, and the races were run, with and without the sacks.  And medals were handed out like confetti, much to Shay’s ‘old school’ consternation about supply decreasing demand etc…   But then someone handed him a serving of the legendary Herbots’ Belgian waffles and ice cream and all was forgiven!   This tasty treat proved to be the ideal pre-(and post)-race nourishment though we imagine a few backseats needed a bit of cleaning when the day was done.   The Parents’ Race is becoming more impressive every year: not because they are getting any faster, it is just the spectator Staff are getting older!   (Which explains why the Staff Race itself was cancelled:  due to the previous day’s efforts vanquishing (as in ‘drawing with’) the Sixth Years.)   Amongst the kids themselves, there were too many inspiring wins (and a few hilarious ‘fails’) to mention any one in particular- except for the Junior Infants doing a spot-on ensemble Forrest Gump impersonation: they took off on their 50 metre dash with enthusiasm, revved it up in the first 10 metres, hit the 25 in good form and were in reasonable condition bearing down on the finish line… but they just didn’t stop!   Shocked parents laughed and laughed and then grew a little worried as the little black spots faded over the horizon, so they immediately set off in pursuit- well, after another serving of those Herbots waffles, that is!


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