Junior School Menu!

Yes, the Senior School kids must wait a few more days (lovely sandwiches, in the meantime, for them!) but we are officially opening our full canteen service for our Junior School pupils from Monday, September 7th. Covid restrictions necessitate pre-ordering, so Junior Parents must follow the following steps to assure a plateful of Chef Mark’s delicacies for their child: 1) Read the menu below 2) Ask your child what he/she wants for Monday’s lunch (or tell them!) 3) Click on the green button in the upper right corner of our website homepage labelled ‘Cashless Canteen Account’ 4) Log in. 5) Scroll down to ‘Pre-Orders’ and hit the blue ‘View Menu’ button 5) Make your selection (with an eye on the allergens as noted on the menu)

Don’t worry, it is an easier process than it sounds. And it assures your child gets both nutrition and taste…. while you know for what you are paying!

This week’s menu:

Menu PDF