Junior School: 24/7!

Remember when your parents would scare you with tales of foreign school systems where the poor kids went to school on Saturday and stayed in class till 5:00 everyday so they could top the Unicef Maths Tables?  Well, forget about the Japanese!  Our Junior Conlethians are busy seven days a week!  Let us just take this past weekend as an example:   On Saturday morning, Third through Sixth Forms (and their parents and coaches) were up a the crack of dawn to play rugby matches against Willow, with Third and Fifth Form winning handsomely against clearly shocked opposition!  Rugby a bit too touchy-feely for you?  Well then maybe you were busy with our golfers playing a nine hole competition in Leopardstown to finish their current coaching block on Saturday afternoon. Then on Sunday the Junior School Choir sang beautifully at the Commitment Mass for Confirmation in St. Mary’s Church on Haddington Rd at the main 11am Mass.  Well done to all the kids and their bleary-eyed adult attendants!


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