Junior June Jumble!

We admitted that we had neglected the term-ending goings-on in the Junior School while busy calculating LC grades (with aid of a dartboard), but we did not realise the sheer quantity of ‘stuff’ our Junior partners were actually getting up to! We are still sending a couple of rather recalcitrant TYs snooping around looking for details, but as far as we can tell this is what the youngsters (applies to staff, too, except for Mr. Kilcommons) were doing during those hectic last days of the school year:


There was a Ms. Loomes-planned Sixth Form Graduation live-streamed in all its songs, smiles and a few tears; an even smilier Preparatory School Summer Show Extravaganza (available with private YouTube link); the presentation of awards for our annual Student Talent Show; Sports Days for each year (see article below); class class tennis tournaments; class trips to Airfield Farm and other well-ventilated locales!; the announcement of a new whole school CEO (Mr. Tony Kilcommons) and Junior School Principal (Mr. Brian Nolan): congratulations!; Mark and Emerson-catered BBQ (apparently their special sauce titillates tastebuds bukills Covid!) ; and bouncy castles. Yes, bouncy castles! Why did we not think of these wellbeing factories sooner?


See just some of the action above and below but before we go to Bundoran, one last story that encapsulates what we are all about in St. Conleth’s Junior School.


After the lockdown was relaxed, a local woman was finally allowed in to see her aged mother in the Belmont Nursing Home. There, unopened on the bedside locker, was a letter from Edouard Barkan, one of our Fourth Formers, that had been written back in December when Ms. Coleman inspired some community spirit and care for those who were really suffering from the Covid contingencies. The woman read the letter to her mother and, as she subsequently told the school secretary Angela, it was the best Christmas present her mother ever received, even if it was opened in the Spring. Edouard’s friendliness and openness touched both their hearts and his kindness provided light and joy to what had been a very dark time. Well done Edouard, and we hope you and the whole Junior School enjoy a fun but restful summer!

Wander and Win!