Junior Art Offensive!

All our teachers are struggling a bit with covid regulations which restrict the movements and the materials which are so important to their craft, but no more so than our art teachers whose discipline is all about contact and collaboration. So, it is even more amazing that our Junior and Senior School Art teachers, Ms. Mellon and Ms. Halpin, have already been consistently churning out stunning pieces with their classes, covid be darned! In fact, the students seem to be relishing the freedom that art grants, a freedom undaunted by masks and frequent hand-washing. We have seen below some Senior School art: now, here is what the Juniors have been up to.

Making a virtue out of necessity, Ms. Mellon took the covid ban on interior displays as an opportunity for even bolder exhibition, lining the fence railings of the school with the art of our Junior Students. Many a passing pedestrian and car slows down to admire the creativity and late last Thursday evening we personally saw the power of art: a young girl was biking by with her father when she insisted he stop and wait as she slowly walked along, admiring each and every piece. Not one of our students, just someone who appreciated the extra colour and life we have brought to Clyde Road!