ESL – English as a Second Language

  • For those that have recently moved to Ireland and would like some extra tuition in English.
  • For those who have moved school from a different English speaking educational system and would like extra tuition to catch up on gaps that may not have been covered in the previous school.
  • For those that have a learning difficulty and would like extra support and guidance.

A 10 week individualised programme would be drawn up in consultation with the class teachers and parents, and where necessary the Special Needs Co-ordinator. At the end of the 10 weeks a report will be given to the parents and class teacher and if needed another 10 week programme can be set up. One to one tuition will be organised.

Time lunchtime sessions
Class 1st – 6th Form
Venue Herbert Park Tennis Courts
Term 10 weeks x 40 minute class
Teacher Staff Member
Contact Mr Kilcommons, [email protected], to arrange a time and teacher for this class.
Price €200
Payment ‘Easy Payment Plus’ on www.stconleths.ie