Welcome to St. Conleth’s, my name is Richeal Dillon and I have been teaching here for 16 years. I have recently completed my MA in Teaching and Learning and I am delighted to bring all these new skills in to the school and especially in to my classroom.

In Third Form, the uniqueness of each individual child is celebrated and each student is encouraged and motivated to reach their full potential by striving for the highest achievements possible. Several different teaching styles and methods are employed on any given day to motivate, encourage and challenge the children. We love to use our interactive board to further explore areas we come across in the curriculum.

I believe I have a very welcoming classroom and thrive on watching my students walk in to our classroom each morning with a smile on their face. I have a picture in my room which states “Teaching is a work of heart” and I believe this is my motto as I really love teaching and hope that my love of teaching helps to create and foster a love of learning in your child.

Richeal Dillon – Third Form

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