Masks On! It’s Halloween!

Yes, some have tried to cancel Halloween, but luckily Principal Brian Nolan did not get the memo and, if anything, the Junior School’s Halloween celebrations were more horrible, horrific, horrendous, haunting and hilarious than ever! The students themselves, powered by twenty months of restraint, and approximately 1.2 kg of glucose each, rose to the occasion like so many zombies from the grave. And the individual class teachers, and our very own Morticia Addams- Cecilia Franken, were there to urge them on, finally enjoying the wearing of masks and the sight of horrors larger than that pesky, minuscule virus. So, before you go tricking and/or treating (from a safe distance… we suggest hand grenades!) have a gander at the various ghoulish but gregarious goings-on before the break!

Prepsters Assemble and the Puffy Monster Race!

Best Home-Made Halloween Costume Competition 2021

Afterschool Ghouls!

Halloween Happenings!