Come Meet The Team India 2016 Expedition Leaders

A meeting for Team India 2016 will take place next Thursday, April 28th at 7:00 for pupils involved and their parents. The team has already raised over 5000 euro from the Christmas Trees Fair and donations for their shared project with the Ever Green National School which is in a small village near Manale.  Some of the students are now  finalising their own personal fundraising to cover the cost of their expedition with special events.  Here is an update on the India expeditions from Eoin Collins and his father, Alan, who were very involved with last year’s trip.


In June 2015, ten students from 5th Year and Transition Year travelled to Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. “Trek India 2015” was not just about hiking in the foothills (up to 4,000 metres) of the Himalayas, but was also an opportunity for our students to experience a different culture and help a community and school in this deprived part of India. The Ever Green National School is a Primary School run by a teacher’s cooperative and receives no funding from the Indian Government. As a result the school is funded solely by the children’s school fees and other donations.

Children from the ages of 4 to 15 from the surrounding area come to school here, and some children who live further away, board in the school. These children learn in tiny classrooms in a school which is half way through building but did not have the funding to complete it.


The Ever Green National School badly needs to complete the renovations that they started a few years ago. The boarding children live in a very unsafe environment which is still a building site, unpainted and with floors and stairways that have poor quality safety barriers or railings ~ or none at all.

The fundraising efforts contributed to by parents and others associated with St Conleth’s College at various events, including the recent Christmas Tree Sale, have paid for new Safety Railings to be installed on the most dangerous areas, and it has already made a tremendous difference. More needs to be done as the top floor remains unguarded and the school unpainted, but this work will continue to go on throughout the coming months and years as long as the funding is available.


As you can see from the images above the school has already become a much safer place for the young children of the school.

And in June of this year, “Trek India 2016” will allow eight more St. Conleth’s students to experience the trip of a lifetime, and enable them to see at first hand, how valuable the help which St. Conleth’s charity fundraising can be in helping those less fortunate than themselves.

They’ll be sightseeing in Delhi and Agra of course, and hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas too. But they’ll also be returning to The Ever Green National School to continue to provide help to children who just want the chance to learn in a safe environment. With our continued support, we can help to make that possible.