India (and Africa) Calling!

Gav Maguire, a modern day Dr. Livingstone, is busy readying his troops for their expedition to India this summer, so what does he do in his spare time?  Relax?  No, instead he gets started on the next expedition, this time to East Africa- a an exciting destination never before visited by Conlethian globetrotters.  Here are the important upcoming dates regarding both expeditions.   They are life-changing events for those who get involved so get onboard!

East Africa Student Presentation 
Friday 13th May 2016  2.40pm
Learning How to Teach: India Group
Tuesday 17th May 2016  8.40am
Tuesday 24th May 2016  8.40am
East Africa Parents and Student Presentation 
Monday 23rd or Tuesday 24th 7pm
India Build-Up Day 
Saturday 4th June 12pm
India Departure Day 
Monday 6th June 7am