India 2016: Tanned, Tired and Triumphant!

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The India Expedition team accomplished deeds, both daring and good, and the experience will stay with the team members the rest of their lives.  Both the adventure and development aspects of the trip are documented in the pics above,  the video below and in previous posts, from the long train journeys with a distinctly Indian ‘Health and Safety’ regimen and the heroic climbs up forbidding peaks to forbidden temples to the reconstruction and teaching work done by the boys at the Everest School.  Most memorable for the participants will be the relationships with the local Indian people which they established and the friendships amongst themselves which they immeasurably deepened.  Well done to Gavin Maguire and Dolores Kelly on leading another successful student expedition.  We look forward to hearing all about it from them and the boys themselves, after they cool (and wash) off in the Irish summer weather!