In Dogs We Trust!

The Egyptians may have worshipped cats but too many of us subscribe to the Edith Wharton description of ‘snakes in fur’ and frankly, if we did invite a cat to meet 150 excited, poky, drooling children, do you think it would show up? Now, dogs are different… loyal, warm, licky, incredibly easy to please: what more could you want?   Just ask Fiona, the engaging representative of Dogs’ Trust, who came by yesterday with Ollie the Boxer to teach the Junior School students about proper pet stewardship.  The Q & A session was very informative and we all learned lots about the responsible care of dogs (and the sometimes strange workings of the six-year-old-mind).  Both Fiona and Ollie were big hits with the kids and the staff and we hope to have them back again!


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