Hyper-Active Maths!

Last Friday night, all the coolest clubs and hippest bars around the city were strangely silent for the start of the weekend; yes, even the bouncers up and down Leeson St. were checking their watches in confusion as the usual hard-partying crowd failed to materialise…  Where was everybody???

Well, the rowdiest element of their regular crowd, the Maths whizzes, had to reorganise their usually hectic Friday night social schedules to attend the Irish Mathematics Teachers Association’s annual Sixth Year maths competition at Rathdown School and Ms. Hopkins had the St. Conleth’s Maths teams ready to rock (and Rolle’s) theorem!   We have a proud tradition of excellence in Maths at St. Conleth’s.  Just look at departmental inspection report.! And we also take these competitions very seriously, as we witnessed once again Friday night, with the the team of Corey, Conor, Simon and David earning a very respectable joint 4th place (of 46 teams) finish.  Ms. Hopkins attested to the particularly high level of difficulty of this year’s quiz and when the boys were asked, “Do competitions like this, where not only are the wonders of Maths explored, but the very essence of teamwork is enjoyed and the parameters of friendly competition probed, represent the very best of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math-obsessed eduction system?’, Simon replied, ‘Yes.’

And the team of Hugh (c), Harry, Emer and Luke also did well, winning both the ‘Personality’ and ‘Best Dressed’ awards, amidst stiff competition.  Well done, Maths guys (and girls)!