Hey Gav, whatcha’ reading?



Over the weekend Gav was spotted in the Pembroke Library catching up with the newspapers and, lo and behold, guess what was featured on the cover of the Indo’s Leinster Rugby supplement?  St. Conleth’s consummate victory over Enniscorthy in the McMullen Cup Final, of course!  It seems like we have become the ‘feel good story’ of the wider school rugby fraternity, and not just because all the ‘Rock and Clongowes alums love the fact that we came within a hair of beating Castleknock College, one of their fellow big boys.  Rather, Gav’s steady stewardship of a team on a six year journey to the top has clearly captured the imagination of all those who appreciate an amateur sport being played the right way, both on the pitch and off.  We almost forgive him for being spotted in the same position in another ‘library’ a few hours later…and then another…


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