Hands On?

After years of encouargemnet from Dora the Explorer and other education experts, we boomers finally got used to the idea that learning should be as co-operative and ‘hand-on’ as possible. And then Covid hit and that all went out the ever open, no matter what the weather, window: we had to live and learn in little isolated bubbles, more in touch with Netflix characters than our colleagues or classmates. Well, TY Czar Gav Maguire and Czarevitch Richie Morris are now bringing the ‘touch’ back to TY! MInd you, it is just the touching of well-wiped CPR dummy torsos, but, hey, it is a start. It is nice to be able to reach out and touch someone…. even if it is just to compress a cold, rubbery simulated chest cavity! The TYs are also getting out and about for a Phoitography module.: more on that later. Slowly but surely normal life, for the TYs and the rest of us., is returning!