All this Covid paranoia floating through the air, or lying in wait on unsuspecting surfaces, has had some positive side effects, such as rendering relatively benign what would normally seem to be a dangerous activity: for example, allowing your youngster to use a 12 inch butcher knife to carve a rounded, slippery pumpkin! I mean, if the world is ending anyways, what the heck, just go for it! And we are glad they did, as the Junior School pupils turned these bloated, orangey New World gourds into some amazing creations.

Above, you see Afterschool Director/ Crazy Banana Cecilia Franken presenting the winners of the competition with their prizes. We also cleared our awards accounts by presenting prizes for best participation in the last lockdown’s Virtual Sports Week. At least, the kids are staying in school this time! And last but not least, legendary Speech and Drama Teacher Pat Howe awards his two Gold Medals for the Covid Eve exams. Pat has been our Louis Walsh/Simon Cowell/Gilbert/Sullivan for years, and one of the best things about the post-Covid world will be a return of his and Eimear Hartnett’s fantabulous stage productions!