Guidance News!

The Guidance Department at St. Conleth’s never sleeps. You read below about Mr. Carvill’s invitation/shanghaiing of last year’s high-fliers.  Meanwhile, Guidance Counsellor Anne Ryan has been leading 5th Years on a special Mental Health outing and putting together some very useful documents, (which are available here or on the Guidance Page):

The 2018 Sixth Year’s Guide to Further Education (Great for 5th/6th Years!)

A Guide to Leaving Certificate Subject Choice. (Great for Transition Years!)

St. Conleth’s Guidance Programme Per Year Group (For everyone!)

And now, Ms. Ryan’s own account of the 5th Year trip to Zeminar:

On Tuesday 10 October, Mental Health Awareness Day, 5th Year students attended Zeminar in the RDS.  Zeminar is a social enterprise created to bring all those invested in the development and well-being of young people in Ireland to one place. It is an event for Generation Z, particularly those aged between 15 and 20, and their parents, teachers. The philosophy of the event was: “A Life Changing Day” and each speaker, exhibitor, professional and workshop host was tasked to reflect this in their interaction with the attendees. According to research conducted by Headstrong, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, cyber bullying and isolation are some of the difficulties hindering academic and personal growth today. These factors in conjunction with fast-moving technology, academic pressures, unhealthy diets and ever-changing career options present an increasingly complex and challenging environment for young people to navigate. Zeminar offered students the chance to explore the above above issues. They were also introduced to invaluable tools to enable them to live more satisfying and productive lives.


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Zeminar gave students the chance to discuss career opportunities, but what set it aside from the traditional careers fair was the opportunity to listen to inspirational speakers such as The O’Donovan Brothers, The Rubber bandits and Sr. Stan to name but a few and the opportunity to engage with youth focused organisations who are specialists in areas such as mental health, healthy eating, safety, equality, sexuality and the environment.  All in all it was a memorable and fun school outing.