Great Sports!

We have to admit that we recently been neglectful of our Junior brothers and sisters in the St. Conleth’s family, but now with exams tidied away, our students safely ensconced in Brittas and our staff heading towards South William Street, we have time to catch up with all the end-of-term going-on in the St. Conleth’s Junior School. And, boy, have they been busy! First up: Sports Days. Yes, you-know-what put paid to our traditional whole-school, parent-attended, burger-flipping extravaganza. But Louis Magee, Shay Keenan and the Junior class teachers managed to put together a series of class-specific Sports Days which more than matched the spirit, fun and competitive zeal of those halcyon days, hopefully, soon to return!

The Warm-Ups!

The Prepsters!

Second Form

Third Form

Fourth Form