Great Sports!

Yes, it is only early July but we bet the kids are already starting to annoy you… So, if you are lucky enough to be the parent of an incoming Conlethian First Year, here is your chance to shorten that summer a bit and give your child a running start when it comes to meeting and mixing with the other students. Head of Sport, Gavin Maguire, takes over here:

First Year Multi-Sports Camp (pdf)

In August, St. Conleth’s College will be running a Multi-Sports Camp for incoming 1styear students in Wanderers F.C.  It is an opportunity for students to get to know their new classmates in a fun and friendly environment before their first day.  

All girls will participate in hockey on Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. They will walk (accompanied) to and from Pembroke Hockey Club from Wanderers F.C.  

The boys will stay in Wanderers F.C. and participate in other sports.

Date:                    Wednesday 21stAugust until Friday 23rdAugust 2019

Venue:                 Wanderers F.C.  

Times:                 09:30 a.m. until 12.30p.m

What To Bring:      Girls:        Hockey stick, gum-shield and shin-guards. Tracksuit, shorts, polo shirt, sports shoes, socks, and a smallsnack for break time.

                            Boys:        Tracksuit, shorts, jersey, sports shoes, socks, and a smallsnack for break time

The cost of the Multi-Sports Camp is €30.00.  Payment for the Multi-Sports Camp may be made via Easy Payments Pluswhich is located on the school website. 

Gavin Maguire, Head of Sport, [email protected]